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The Beemers

Their Tale

Beemers are small bodies of celestial light.

They travel through the universe by using beams-of-light as stepping stones.

The Beemers found their way to Barefoot Lagoon purely by accident.

During the season of the last Blue Moon, the Beemers were dashing and darting through the star galaxies.  Several slipped as they stepped from starlight beam to starlight beam.

They fell onto the beams of the full moon.

Unable to stop, they slid down the moonbeams which shined directly on Barefoot Lagoon. They splashed into the magical waters of the lagoon.  Their sneakers were soaked with water and they were unable to climb the moonbeams to return home.

Today, the Beemers have made Barefoot Lagoon their new home.

In this tropical paradise, they live in Beemer Huts and they play along the shores of Beemer Beach.

The Beemers have the most fun when they are able to brighten your day.



Copyright 1989 Richard Harding Wilson, Jr.

Rewritten 2021 by Richard Harding Wilson, Jr.

All Rights Reserved

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